A look behind the curtain: In the West, one knows above all the Iranian moral rigor and war rhetoric, the Enduro professionals Anita and Caro Gehrig experience open-minded people, hospitality, a great interest in the West and last but not least an unconditional passion for mountain biking. There is a reason for this: The bike is a vehicle for freedom, because on the trails, no moral guardians exist. Freeride, or better Free Ride, gets another dimension in the land of mullahs. Altough you might not be able to understand each others words, on a bike you always speak the same language. Free Riding Iran is a movie about courage, passion and mutual inspiration on two wheels.


20% of all our income generated by video on demand will be invested in womens mountainbiking organisations in countries, where free riding women are not accepted.



Anita and Caro Gehrig started riding bikes at the age of 19. Being fascinated by the pure speed and technical skills required for downhill mountain biking, the girls began racing as soon as they had their hands on bikes of  their own. Since it’s inauguration in 2013, the twins have been traveling the globe with the Enduro World Series making their mark on the sport alongside some of the best female MTB athletes globally. Though racing their bikes against the world’s  fastest is their passion, the girls are dedicated to bringing more women into the sport of cycling. They are proud to organize and lead bike camps specifically designed for women at their home base in Films.


Faranak is the first irianian female Mountainbiker that took part in the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in her discipline Cross Country. She dreams big and her drive and motivation to progress is impressive. It is a rocky road for her but she made it as far as representing her country at the World Championships in Lenzerheide. Faranak is not only a bad ass biker but also has brains and empathy, her mission is to even the grounds for the next generation of mountainbike girls in Iran. 


Chris has travelled to Iran around ten times and can definitely call himself an Iran expert. He has gained a rich knowledge about the country and it’s trails. The swiss guide loves to explore the unknown and often finds surprising places. If you want to experience this fascinating country first hand with him, get in touch on



„Der Film ist mitreissend, berührend und vermittelt eine neue Sicht auf

die Menschen im uns weitgehend unbekannten Land Iran.“


* 24 Hour Free Online Premiere December 19th *


Swiss television reports about Faranak at the World Championships



„Trails fürs Herz und fürs Hirn“ – great movie review by Thomas Giger




 held at the MTB World Champs Lenzerheide 2018


The iranian one-woman-mtb-team at the UCI Mountain Bike World Championships 

an interview by Dario Linder FULLGASMTB TV


„Es ist einfacher als man denkt, trotzdem gab es ein paar Herausforderungen“

Great article and radio interview with Caro & Anita by Südostschweiz


Trailer & pictures pubished by Pinkbike

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